Businesses, charities or individuals can sponsor a project of hospital harp concerts in local hospital wards and health care facilities.

Your sponsorship will see your business reach the wider community in a unique and personalised way by providing moments of comfort, relaxation and fun to hospital patients, their families and front-line NHS staff.

Music  in healthcare

I’ve worked as a music in healthcare practitioner for over 10 years, and hold multiple residencies in London hospitals.

Live music hospital sessions have proven emotional benefits for patients, visitors and NHS staff. They promote wellbeing by reducing the senses of stress, anxiety and isolation that is often experienced on the wards.

Sponsor a project at East Surrey Hospital

I am currently seeking sponsorship for a project to provide harp music sessions in children’s and older person wards at East Surrey Hospital.

This project will be delivered in partnership with SASH charity at East Surrey Hospital who will coordinate the sessions to reach a variety of different wards and units.

As well as contributing to a local cause, your business will also be actively promoted throughout the project, including:

Social media: Mentions and tagging in all social media posts about the project from the hospital charity/ trust, their partners and myself.

There will be regular posts of thankful patient feedback during each project. Including images and video where possible.

Press releases: thanking your business for the support of the project sent to local news and radio outlets. These will also be posted online via Facebook community groups in the localised area/s.

Hospital posters: placed around the hospital venue detailing the project. These will all include your logo and clearly state that these concerts have been made possible thanks to your generosity.

Leaflets for patients: These will be given out in wards during every performance, and will include your logo, the fact today’s concert was made possible by your company, and also a personal message from your business if desired.

These will be given directly to the patients, visitors and ward staff.

All patient feedback: compiled and delivered to you in a document for you to share both internally and externally.

Sponsorship options

Each hospital session would see visits to two/ three hospital wards, and the fee includes all ward leaflets, hospital posters, press and ongoing online promotion.

  • £2880 to sponsor a year long project of 24 monthly hospital sessions (fortnightly).
  • £1440 to sponsor a year long project of 12 monthly hospital sessions.
  • £720 to sponsor a project of 6 monthly sessions.

Feel free to contact me on to discuss any of the above or for more information.