Past projects

In addition to my resident sessions, some other projects I’ve been involved with include:

Royal Brompton Hospital  – year in residence 2016

In 2016 I worked with R&B arts and the Royal Brompton Charity to provide weekly sessions across their surgical wards, children’s wards and ICU units.

I continue to work the Royal Brompton charity and in 2017 was invited to play harp at a charity event at St James’ Palace hosted by their patron HRH Princess Alexandra.

GOSH Arts – collaborative composition

In 2016 I ran a collaborative composition project, where children from a variety of wards contributed to an original piece of harp music. Children were each recorded improvising on the harp as I played a guide bass line. The songs were then mixed together into a single piece of music. The recordings were taken at bedsides, and ages of the children involved ranged from 18 months to 15 years old. The piece can be heard below:

GOSH Arts – bedtime sessions

In 2017 I piloted some evening ‘bedtime’ music ward sessions to help children and families transition to potentially daunting overnight stays in hospital.

After a successful trial period the project is now a regular part of the GOSH arts music program.

CW + – Memory Lane training program with the Royal College of Music.

In 2017 I delivered a seminar style  training session to students at the Royal College of Music about approaches to music in healthcare. I then also mentored two students as they delivered a series of ward sessions throughout the summer term.

Top image credit – R&B arts at Royal Brompton Hospital