Live harp school concerts

Book a live harp school hall concert with additional classroom workshops.

The concerts

Harp concerts include:

  • Solo harp versions of Disney and popular family film themes along with classical interludes
  • Harp Tales children’s poems performed with live harp accompaniment
  • Nursery rhymes for younger classes
  • Age appropriate rhythm and clapping games

The workshops

Harp workshop activities include:

  • An introduction to mindful listening
  • Imagine the music – the children close their eyes to different pieces, and we discuss what images the music evoked
  • Musical poems, we use the imagined images and music as the starting point to create a new musical harp poem together as a group
  • Have a go on the harp – if social distancing measures allow, children will be invited to play the harp themselves.

Harp Tales poems

You can see/hear some of the featured poems below:

These are part of the Harp Tales album and book that is a free resource developedfor schools and hospitals.

Harp Tales – The Sum of My class
Harp Tales – Drawing Pictures
Harp Tales – The Bubble

You can also Download the full album.

About me

I am a professional harpist and writer, and I have led harp music concerts in children’s hospitals and schools for over 12 years.